Selling with Prime Property Investment

Selling with Prime Property Investment

Selling with Prime Property Investment

Key Benefits

• Prime Property Investment are specialists in the sale of serviced apartments.
• Apartment will be marketed through Prime Properties investor database of over 15,000 clients.
• Property can be advertised ‘onsite’ at the apartment hotel.
• Access is easily available to apartment complex.
• Property research and estimate valuation is readily accessable.
• Ability to negotiate on furniture lease and rental guarantee.


Prime Property Investment Sales Process

• Factsheet
– Market research.
– Valuation estimate.
– Property performance.

A comparative market analysis allows the seller to ascertain the achievable market price.

• Marketing Proposal
– Commision, advertising costs and solicitor fees.
• PAMD Agreement
– Agreement to sell on behalf of owner.
• Direct and indirect advertising
– Database advertising.
– Onsite advertising: tenants and hotel guests.
– Advertising through 3rd party channels.
– Mass media.
– Australia post.
• Contracts
• Settlement

Independent Valuation of your Property
We recommended that you get an independent valuation for your property.
The valuation is important for the following reasons:
 It helps establish a fair price for your property. The valuers that PPI recommend are thoroughly conversant with the market value when assessing the value of your property. 
 It is a valuable marketing tool, particularly for inter-state buyers who are often in a situation where they will be buying site unseen. 
 It avoids the need for repetitive inspections by purchasers. Tenants whilst cooperative, may not always enjoy being available for frequent inspections. Experience has proven that the less dependence we have on having to gain access to the property – the smoother the process will be. 
 It decreases the time once a purchaser makes a decision, to organise finance, as the valuation is already in place. For that reason we use and recommend valuation companies that are used by most major banks.